Guarding Service

Riley Falcon has established well defined recruitment, training and appraisal policies that place only the best guards at assignments. Monitoring and supervision of guards at assignments is carried out by three levels of management – supervisors (visits to each assignment during each shift), shift managers (spot checks) and senior managers (random checks). All this has enabled us to provide guarding services for high demand customers like Kengen Ltd, Unga Holdings, Maseno University, Imperial Hotel, etc. who have high performance expectations from our guards. Currently the company employs over 2,000 guards.

Trained Dogs and Dog handlers

We have our dog kennels on a 5 acre plot within Kisumu. This has given our dogs good facilities for training. The kennel is run by a professional dog trainer, assisted by a dog master and several kennel attendants. At the kennel the breeding of the best quality guard dogs is also carried out giving us a good stock of current and future guard dogs.

Cash Carrying Service

Our excellent relationship with the Administration Police gives us the flexibility to respond to our customers within the shortest notice. Our internal procedures ensure sensitive and classified information is handled with utmost professionalism.

Security Electronics

Radio Alarm Back-up Services

Our radio alarm systems offer the highest level of reliability as the transmitter systems installed in our clients’ premises carry out a self-tests every 24 hours and report the results to the central monitoring system in our control room.

The technical design of the transmitters offers zoning and other advanced features providing the back-up crew, who are accompanied by armed Police Officers, with information relating to the area of attack, progression of an intrusion and condition of security personnel on the ground.

Automatic Intruder Alarms

We specialize in systems that incorporate cost effectiveness and the latest technology when it comes to monitoring our customers sites. The systems facilitate nearly 100% probability of detection, minimal false or nuisance alarm rates and have tamper loops and micro switches to minimize the vulnerability to defeat by burglars.

CCTV Systems

We have the capability to offer a wide range of products from conventional CCTV systems to Internet based digital recording and remote surveillance systems enabling video images to be transmitted and viewed over computer networks. The camera specifications available include cameras designed to complement the interior of any office and the ones designed for industrial sites. The technical execution of the installations follows international standards and hence ensures the best quality of images and durability of the system.

Access Control

We have access control solutions for all needs from simple proximity and card lock systems to comprehensive reporting and live real-time monitoring networked access control systems with advanced features such as photo ID, biometrics etc. The system can also combine asset tracking to prevent loss of electronic equipment (e.g. Laptop computers) from premises.

Perimeter Protection / Fencing

Our professional electric fences, razor fences and laser beams provide a first-line deterrent and earliest detection of an intrusion for our customers. The electric fence energizers can incorporate solar power sources in line with the prevailing power situation in the country.

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